The execsql program uses third-party Python libraries to communicate with different database and spreadsheet software. These libraries must be installed to use those programs with execsql. Only those libraries that are needed, based on the command line arguments and metacommands that are used, must be installed. The libraries required for each database or spreadsheet application are:

Connections to SQLite databases are made using Python’s standard library, so no additional software is needed.

To use the Jinja or Airspeed template processors with the EXPORT metacommand, those Python packages must be installed also.

If data are to be exported to the feather file format, the pandas and feather-format Python packages must also be installed.

If data are to be exported to the HDF5 file format, the tables library must be installed.

All of the additional Python packages that may be needed can be installed with pip.

To use MS-Access, SQL Server, or a DSN data source, an appropriate ODBC driver needs to be installed as well (e.g., the Database Engine 2010 Redistributable for MS-Access).